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Home Entertainment Systems

Today's home entertainment and theater systems are simply amazing. We emphasize the "simple" in that statement. LunaKai Hawaii is focused on keeping your home entertainment experience enjoyable by installing high quality products that operate at peak performance and are easy to operate. As a professional Hawaii audio visual installation company, we can custom design and install a home entertainment or theater system that includes amazing surround sound. Our system will fit perfectly in your space and compliment your surroundings.

Hawaii Home Theater SystemsThere are also a growing number of multimedia options that Hawaii residents are really enjoying. Home media centers and distributed audio are rapidly becoming the "norm" in more and more Hawaii homes. We can custom design and install a system that meets your needs and fits your budget.


HDTV Flat Screens

Hawaii HDTV InstallationLunaKai Hawaii can assist you with selecting the right Flat Panel Display to accommodate your needs, your spatial specifications and your budget.

In addition, we can assist in selecting the proper wall mounts or stands geared specifically for the Display you choose and we conceal all the wiring for a clean, refined look.

Today's HDTVs are equipped with value added features that access the Internet for streaming audio and video along with 3D technology. We can ensure that you're properly wired and ready for the next amazing technology.


Outdoor Speakers

Hawaii has some of the best weather in the world to experience outdoor entertainment year round. Why not enjoy your favorite music while entertaining guests on the lanai or playing around the pool? You can even enjoy your tunes while tending to your garden. With a growing number of control options, you can skip to the next song, change the play list or crank up the volume without ever coming in the house.

LunaKai Hawaii can provide outdoor speakers for all occasions. Weather resistant speakers for your lanai or yard. Hidden speakers in your garden that blend in with the surroundings. Rock speakers that become part of the landscaping.

We can install a powerful outdoor audio system that will enhance your lifestyle!

Enjoy your music outdoors with a custom outdoor audio installation in Hawaii


Home and Business Networks

Installing AV systems during the construction phase of a new home or commercial spaceWe design and pre-wire homes and businesses for internet and data services. Today's networks carry so much more than just internet. From IP cameras for surveillance to streaming movies from Netflix, your network forms the backbone of your entire home or business. Choosing the right equipment for the job and properly organizing and terminating the cables makes for a strong and reliable system.

As wireless technology continues to improve, setting up WiFi hotspots or extending a network with repeaters has become commonplace. LunaKai Hawaii can help select and install the best network equipment for your home or business application.


New Construction

Installing AV systems during the construction phase of a new home or commercial spaceThe optimal time to wire a home or business for any audio visual component is before the walls are covered. If you are building a new home or commercial space in Hawaii and are considering or planning on utilizing speakers, cable TV, telephone, Internet, security or anything that uses a low voltage signal, please contact us. Effective planning can save time and money. LunaKai Hawaii will design and engineer a detailed wiring plan. We label, diagram, photograph, and chart where everything is placed so that in the future, the wires can be easily located and the audio visual equipment and components can be installed with precision.


Business Audio Video Systems

Commercial audio video and lightingCommercial audio video installations in Hawaii frequently include the use of distributed audio and distributed video to enhance the customer's experience while at the business establishment. We work closely with business owners to understand their needs and vision and will customize and install a system that achieves those goals.


Control & Automation

Installing AV systems during the construction phase of a new home or commercial spaceAlmost every electronic device in a home or business has some type of control. Consolidate all of these remote controls into one easy to use intuitive universal remote control. LunaKai Hawaii can set-up and program a hard button or iPhone / iPad remote control that allows the user to control everything from the TV to the lights, air conditioning and security cameras. We can customize the features you want and hide the features you don't want.


High Definition Projection

High Definition ProjectionProjectors have been around for a long time but just in the last few years have become very affordable and are providing quality, high-resolution images. Today's projectors are brighter and sharper than ever before. Imagine watching your favorite movie or concert in your backyard or in your own custom theater room on a screen 10 feet wide. Or you could be playing a video game or video chatting with family, friends, or business partners.

High definition projection systems can also enhance a business venue’s atmosphere and be utilized for a variety of purposes: entertainment, branding, marketing, special effects, video conferences, etc.

Large screen projection makes everything more exciting! Let us create an awesome projection system for you!


Distributed Audio & Video

Distributed audio systems in HawaiiDistributed audio and video allows music and video to be distributed to multiple spaces, rooms, or areas both indoors and out. Homes and businesses can enjoy music in many different areas simultaneously from multiple sources such as CDs, MP3s, media centers, iTunes and streaming audio via the Internet. Audiophile quality in-ceiling loudspeakers and intuitive controls can provide music in as many or as few rooms as you like. LunaKai Hawaii can also create a system that can distribute video from any source such as a DVD Player or Satellite Receiver to all the televisions in the home or business. Handheld remotes can control the video source from any room.


Equipment Rack Design and Build

Installing AV systems during the construction phase of a new home or commercial spaceOur equipment racks provide an excellent solution for protecting and organizing sensitive electronic equipment. A well designed rack will keep equipment cool while providing easy access to connections and wiring should equipment need to be upgraded or serviced in the future. A customized rack can be designed to hide audio, video or network equipment inside a closet or cabinet and then slide out and rotate only when needed. Using some of the best names in the business like Chief, Middle Atlantic and Omnimout, LunaKai Hawaii can build a customized equipment rack to fit your needs.